The Government of Egypt has set an objective to develop the GOLDEN TRIANGLE Economic Zone (GTEZ) covers Safaga, Quseer, Qena and Qift to include mineral extraction activities, industrial facilities, touristic zones, commercial hub, agricultural areas, and different classes urban areas, reconsidering infrastructures and to match with development.

The GOLDEN TRIANGLE is characterized by unique advantages from geographical, geological and sociological perspectives. From the east alongside Safaga and Quseer, the GOLDEN TRIANGLE is boarded by the Red Sea. This costal side includes Abou-Tartour mineral seaport at Safaga, El Hamraween minerals seaport and Hurghada airport. From the west, Qena governorate is located within the Nile Valley and offers access to workforce from other southern governorates close by. Moreover, the GOLDEN TRIANGLE is in the heart of the mineral resources belt adjacent to the Red sea coast.

From this perspective, the Government of Egypt, in collaboration with Rina, elaborated a 30-year, state of the art masterplan that integrates comprehensive development with ideal urban live.  


“The creation of a cohesive Upper Egypt territory of approx. 9,000 sq km in which people can be born and grow up with the opportunity to enhance their well-being, living and working in a sustainable environment during the development of the project over the coming 30 years. The adopted approach delivers a development tool to be replicated, in other parts of Egypt”.


The GOLDEN TRIANGLE Development Strategy has been designed based on the GOLDEN TRIANGLE Master Plan six guiding principles with the goal of turning the area’s comparative advantage into international competitive advantage to pursue the following objectives:

  • to optimally exploit the natural resources of the area (from natural beauties to mineral occurrences) to ensure that there are no gaps in the value chain so that the maximum added value can be realised from downstream production;
  • to develop anchor investments made by large companies which will provide opportunities for Micro, Small and Medium enterprises to play a full role in the respective sector value chains to deliver downstream products and services;
  • to encourage cluster development that are adding value to significant mineral deposits and agricultural products and will also seek to act as a magnet for micro, small and medium enterprises;
  • technical services will be provided to support micro, small and medium size businesses to enhance their capability to innovate and grow;
  • to generate balanced economic growth that will also be reflected in the provision of improved schooling and vocational skills education, and higher standards of social services, utilities and infrastructure.

Investment opportunities

The investment opportunities available in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE Economic Zone (GTEZ) in all areas of development will be the focus on the presentation that will be conducted during Egypt Mining Forum.

GOLDEN TRIANGLE overall land zoning map.