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Misr Phosphate is a prominent Egyptian company with an impressive production capacity of approximately 5 million tons per year, offering a wide range of phosphate rock grades. With acquired concessions and licenses in various mines like Abu Tartour, El Sebaia, and Red SeaMines, Misr Phosphate produces diverse grades of phosphate ore tailored to the specific needs of local and global markets.

In recent years, the company has demonstrated significant progress in both production and sales of different ore qualities. Under the management of highly competent professionals, Misr Phosphate proudly boasts a total exportable capacity exceeding 3.2 million tons in 2022. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, the company has fostered loyalty among existing clients while successfully expanding its customer base.

In 2022, Misr Phosphate achieved remarkable organizational success by exporting over 59% of Egypt's phosphate rock production to foreign markets in the Far East, Europe, China, and Latin America. With a strong emphasis on international trade, the company ensures reliable and efficient delivery, maintaining stringent quality control measures from the mines until the boarding of vessels during transportation and handling to uphold the ore's integrity.

Additionally, Misr Phosphate plays a pivotal role in meeting the majority of the local consumption needs and supplying the major fertilizer factories in Egypt. Its contribution to the domestic market further strengthens its position as a key player in supporting Egypt's agricultural sector.
Misr Phosphate's exceptional performance, commitment to quality, and global reach have firmly established it as a leading player in the phosphate industry, meeting the diverse demands of customers worldwide.